Lavender and Lace


I bought these flowers to play around with one day last fall.  I couldn’t say no to those brunia balls and the colors of those carnations were lovely.  Combining them with the lavender roses and lemon leaf seemed to really pull it all together.  But what really finished off this look was the lace.  I found some old lace ribbon and pinned it up into the bouquet to get that puffy look at the base of the flowers. I also used the entire stems of the brunia balls, which broke up the texture of the entire arrangement.  I love playing with textures in arrangements.   Sometimes I try to use the entire stems, not just the flowers off of the stems.  Be careful, though, when using the foliage of cut stems. Sometimes, they can shrivel up quickly, even when sitting in water.  These, however, help up quite nicely.  I arranged it as a hand-tied, but then placed it into a vase so I could enjoy the arrangement on my kitchen counter that week.    Try playing with different textures and utilizing more than just the flower head in your arrangements! XO Addie




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