Love on your Local Florists


Valentine’s Day! A day to celebrate the ones we love. Some people think Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday. Why do we need a holiday to make us show that special someone how much we care? We don’t. You can, and should, show that special someone how much you care every single day.  But, it sure is nice to have a day to remind us!

I love Valentine’s Day.  I love that one day a year when love is truly in the air. I love watching all my friends and coworkers receive chocolates and flowers from their special someone. I love showering my kids with hugs, heart stickers, candy, and a special little toy. When I’m working for a flower shop, I can’t get enough of the yummy scent of roses and the sweet notes written on the cards to be delivered with the flowers. Which brings me to the point of this post. There are many wonderful locally owned, small business flower shops in your hometown. Do you shop locally?

Each year, Americans spend nearly 20 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day, according to Forbes. That money could easily be distributed locally, but often times, we rely on large chain companies and Internet orders. In most cases, Internet flower orders are outsourced to a local flower shop in the area, where the flowers are designed based on the recipe from the online order and then delivered. The online “store” keeps a large portion of your money just for taking the order. The actual shop/designers make very little profit per order. BUT, if you go directly to the source, you will get more for your money, have a beautiful personalized unique design, and your money will stay in your community.  So, this year, when you are showing your special someone how much you love them, please show some love to your local florists. Buy your flowers and gifts directly from their local shops.  Many shops will take online orders from their website, or you can call and place your order over the phone, or even stop in so the designers can put a personal touch on your special arrangement for your special someone. You don’t even have to know what kind of flowers you want! Designers can put an arrangement together based on your budget, color requests, and the sentiment of the gift.

Here are some of my favorite florists in Austin:

Treasured Blossoms

D. Sweetpeas

Enchanted Florist

There are so many other great florists in town, too. I hope you visit one of them this Valentine’s Day and keep it local.

XO Addie



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